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Knowledgeable About Cats

We have extensive knowledge of cat behavior and take into account the needs of each cat we build for. We know how to keep your cat happy and in your yard.

Experienced Catio Builder

Calgary’s first catio builder has spent years finding the best products and methods to make catios that withstand harsh Canadian weather.

Custom Solutions

Whether you have a large yard or small balcony, we will help you find the right solution for your space and your cat.

Custom Catios

Design a custom catio that suits your space and lets your cat be a cat!

Cat-Proof Fences

A cat-proof fence is the best option for giving your cat lots of room to run and play!

Indoor Catification

Cats need vertical space to thrive and indoor catification is a great way to add space for shelters or multi-cat homes. Build some shelves or a fully enclosed indoor space.

DIY catio instructions coming soon!

We believe every cat deserves an active, healthy life and that anyone can build a catio. We’re happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction. Ask away!

Featured Work

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“It’s not inside time yet!”


“That cloud looks like tuna!”


Let’s design the purrfect catio for your purrfect friend

Tell us about your feline friend and outdoor space.