All of our catios are custom and cost depends on materials and labor but for example, in general, an 8′ x 8 ‘ catio is currently $1700-$1900. Prices fluctuate with the cost of supplies. The cost of cat-proof fences depends on the size of your yard and the type of fence and number of gates you need. We do out best to provide solutions according to your budget. Materials have increased in price significantly since the start of the pandemic.

Most catios are made of pressure treated wood for the frame, cedar for the shelves, and vinyl-coated 2″x3″ pet fence. Polycarbonate roofs are available.

Both have their own benefits. You should always supervise your cat but a catio requires less supervision. A cat-proof fence gives your cat more room but you need to make sure the gate to your yard doesn’t get opened. On rare occasions, other animals can get into a cat-proof fence enclosure.

Much like a deck, your catio will need to be stained every few years unless it is made entirely of cedar. Do not stain the cedar shelves your cat hangs out on. Check the catio regularly for damage. You may need to tap any exposed staples gently with a hammer every couple of years or replace them. Cat proof fence components may need tightening or adjusting. Please contact us if you need help.

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