All of our catios are custom and cost depends on the size of the catio, cost of materials and time needed to complete the project. The cost of cat-proof fences depends on the size of your yard, the type of fence you have, and number of gates you need. We do our best to provide solutions that fit your budget and are happy to provide an estimate.

Most catios are made of pressure treated wood, PVC coated 16-gauge 1.5″x1.5″ wire fencing, and include cedar shelves. Polycarbonate roofs are available. All materials are chosen to keep your cat safely in their catio, predators out, and to survive harsh Canadian winters.

All catios include vertical space for your cat to hang out on and a human door. You know your cat best and can be as involved in the design process as you like, so if you know your cat will love a loft or hiding space, we can come up with ideas together and make it happen!

Both have their own benefits. You should always supervise your cat but a catio requires less supervision. A cat-proof fence gives your cat more room but you need to make sure the gate to your yard doesn’t get opened. On rare occasions, other animals can get into a cat-proof fence enclosure.

Much like a deck, your catio will need to be stained every few years. Check the catio regularly for damage. Cat proof fence components may need tightening or adjusting. Please contact us if you need help.

Yes! Your cat’s canine bff is welcome to hang out in the catio! Just let us know during the planning stages so we can assess whether additional dog-proofing is needed.

Our focus is cats but we are happy to help you dog-proof your yard or build a dog run.

It’s “crazy” NOT to love animals!