About Us

Fox’s Story

Fox’s Custom Catios began when a homeless kitten changed our lives forever.

Fox was a hungry, homeless kitten when we adopted him. He quickly let us know he wanted to explore the great outdoors but it was just too dangerous. After we successfully cat-proofed our yard, it became obvious that many other cats needed safe outdoor space but their humans did not know how to provide it. Fox’s Custom Catios was born.

Why your cat needs a catio

A catio helps your cat be safe, happy, active, and healthy.

  • On average, outdoor cats have a much shorter lifespan (just 2-5 years) than indoor cats (15+). They face dangers like traffic, disease, humans, predators, poisons, other cats, injuries, and getting lost.
  • Physical activity and mental stimulation is important for your cat’s health.
  • Letting cats roam is illegal in Calgary.
  • Emergency vet visits can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Catios protect local wildlife like birds.
  • A catio creates more territory, which means less stress for cats in multi-cat homes.
  • A catio can reduce behaviour issues by reducing stress.
  • Inactive cats experience health problems.

Your cat’s wellbeing is our focus

We are committed to providing the best solution for your cat and your home and are happy to help you figure out the best option.

Committed Cat Lovers

Our passion project is now helping keep Calgary cats safe. We share our knowledge in our blog to help cats’ humans understand their cats’ needs and have a better bond with their purr pals.

Wood-Frame Catio Builders

We build sturdy catios with lots of vertical space your cat will love. Catios are safe from predators and all materials are locally available for easy maintenance.

Cat-Proof Fence Installers

We use high-quality products designed for cat-proofing fences and install according to expert advice. Cat-proof fence products are provided by Purrfect Fence.


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