The new call centre at the Calgary Humane Society has the perfect arrangement for staff and a lucky rescue cat- an office catio!

Backyard catio

Two curious rescue cats have their own space in a yard shared with dogs can access their catio from the deck so their humans can stay warm when the kitties insist on going outside.

Enchanted garden catio

This spacious catio with a roof provides a comfortable hangout for both feline and human residents.

Country catio

Three rescue kitties enjoy the great outdoors at their beautiful country home while staying safe from predators.

Bengal-proof yard

This cat-proof yard keeps even the most determined Bengal escape artist safe

Cat run

When their mom can’t watch them, the Bengals can keep an eye on their territory from their cat run.

Catwalk catio

Two adorable rescue kitties have lots of room to explore and even a catwalk to their tree!

Deck catio

Three rescue kitties can now enjoy their outdoor space with their family safely.

The Cattage

Cedric and Cecil love their partially covered country catio and it keeps them safe all year from the resident bobcat but leaves enough room for the moose to get by!

Clasic catio

Two beautiful black cats Knight and Mare love sharing the catio with their human and have the most unique cat door in the form of a milk door.

Tuija’s catio with two doors

Two human doors and one cat door provide access for everyone in the family.

Toni’s custom catio

This catio lets Toni’s two cats come and go as they please while still allowing access to the water tap.

Cat-proof fence

BJ has lots of room to play in at the side of the house and back yard.

Covered classic catio

Athena and Apollo love the roof on their catio so they can go out even when the weather isn’t great.

Painted catio

Dave and Keppler can use their basement window to access their stylish catio that matches their fence.

Cozy catio

Snax and Tacos use their catio all year long and appreciate their roof in the winter.

Sky catio

Hairless cats Vlad and Newman have the best view in town and their roof even matches their human’s roof!

Cedar catio

Tigger could not go outside because of her allergies until she got a cedar catio.

Balcony catio

Day or night, Percy has a great view from his balcony catio and his mom doesn’t have to worry about his safety.

Garden catio

This catio was built to provide safe outside time while conforming to the townhouse bylaws and blending into the garden.

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try to do something remarkable?”

Dana aka Sqeekerz