What’s a catio?

A catio is an outdoor enclosure for your cat. Your cat gets to go outside while staying safe from the many dangers of roaming.

How does a catio help your cat?

A catio helps your cat get more exercise and mental stimulation, which helps your cat stay healthy mentally and physically and reduces the chance of behavior problems. It also increases the size of your cat’s territory, which is especially helpful in homes with multiple cats.

How to build a catio

Build a box

Cats love boxes. Pick a spot your cat will enjoy that is easily accessible through a window or pet door. There should be some sun (but not too much, create some shade if you need to) and stuff to watch. We recommend pressure-treated wood for the frame and cedar shelves but you can build the whole enclosure with cedar.

Add shelves

Cats love vertical space so give your cat shelves to climb and perch on so she can be off the ground. Cedar is great for areas like shelves where your cat will spend a lot of time because it does not need to be treated to withstand the elements.

Enclose it with pet fence

Use metal mesh to enclose the catio by stapling it to the frame with heavy-duty staples. Make sure the mesh is the right size for your cat not to get his paws or head caught and look for any gaps where he could escape. We recommend vinyl coated metal pet fence with openings no larger than 2” by 3.”


Add a water bowl, bed, scratching post, some cat grass, catnip, and cat-friendly plants to create a space your cat will love!


Watch your cat enjoy her new kitty playground! Always supervise your cat when she is in the catio.

DIY guide coming soon!

Want to build your own catio? Check back in a few weeks for a detailed guide with photos!

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